Winston Science Fiction Enpaper Art

Winston Science Fiction Enpaper Art

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Synopsis for VAULT OF THE AGES by Poul Anderson

Taken from the cover flap of the novel VAULT OF THE AGES by Poul Anderson:

Five hundred years after the "Doom" that destroyed present-day civilization and sent nations to their graves with its "glowing death," the world is pictured as a barbaric society composed of primitive tribes that shunned all things connected with the twentieth century.

This is the story of sixteen-year-old Carl who set out to break down the ignorant taboos that were destroying a priceless heritage and crushing all hope for the future of humanity.

When the fierce Lann army thundered down from the north to conquer the peace-loving Dalesmen, Carl entered the forbidden City to seek out the wisdom and knowledge that would save his people and rebuild the ancient glories of man. Accused of consorting with witches, threatenened with penalty of death for ignoring the taboo on old-world works and magic, Carl defied his own tribal seer to raise the ban on the time vault which held salvation for a dying civilization. How he fought the invading enemy for life itself in a series of violent clashes, the slow discovery of what twentieth-century civilazation had accomplished makes this book an intriquing one.

With action and suspense and the fascination of science fiction speculation, this tale of rebellion and battle fury is one that will keep readers breathless to the very last page.

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