Winston Science Fiction Enpaper Art

Winston Science Fiction Enpaper Art

Monday, March 22, 2010

Synopsis for THE STAR CONQUERORS by Ben Bova

Taken from the cover flap of the novel THE STAR CONQUERORS by Ben Bova:

Geoffrey Knowland, brilliant young Star Watch officer, is in command of the Terran Confederation's all-out battle against the mysterious Masters, rulers of the Milky Way galaxy.

For untold millions of years the star clusters in galactic space have been under the Masters' control. Now, in an attempt to save Earth and the Terran Confederation, a desperate counterattack is underway to break the domination of the enemy.

Jeff knows that the Terrans fought and lost another interstellar war aginst an ancient enemy known only as the Others. The Terrans were crushed, their civilization wiped out, and Jeff fears the Masters are the Others, returned to conquer man again.

This unusual story takes you deep into the galaxy, far beyond our solar system, to worlds seldom explored by science fiction writers. Jeff and his friend Alan Bakerman, an escapee from life under the Masters, travel the vast distances of space and touch upon the homeworlds of many races, both human and nonhuman.

Based on careful astronomical research, THE STAR CONQUERORS is a story played out against an accurate backround of our immense spiral galaxy, a rotating disk of more than a hundred billion stars.

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  1. This is the novel that got me started reading science fiction.
    I borrowed it from my school library (I was in first grade), and I read it in one sitting. I can still picture the cover illustration.